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hello world, lol.

Ok, I’m from sweden but I’m going to blog in english. interesting.. Thank god for my imac who autocorrects! Well its saturday night, party party. not. Im home, frickin tired and already thinking of heading to bed. I’ve been up since 5 am, so I’m almost dead now. Worked today, great money but sad that i missed the weekend, but I’ve always have tomorrow.

So sunday.. Going to take a long sleep in (?) don’t know what its called in english, but i can say this – I’m going to sleep aaaall day! i wish. Gonna check out an apartment at 2 pm. Yep, it is time to leave the nest. bye mum and dad, hello grown up life! I’m so exited!! after the apartment hunt I’m going to celebrate my cousin who turns 21, big congratulation!! now you can go to bars in the USA. (here in sweden you only have to be 18.)

Hope you guys understand what I’m writing.. doing this to get better at english so be patience please. 🙂


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